eBook Info

Online information about e-readers and how to use them

Here is an eclectic mix of links to websites for those who want to know more about how to use their ereaders. In our efforts to become more than a “click-and-buy” user of an ereader, we have found these sites useful.

We intend to alert you to more sites but to get started this is a good mix of basic how-to guidance as well as the more historical and contextual information for those who want to know how this new device fits into our current book reading culture.


1. MIT is not only a great university that offers now a good deal of its classes free and online but this site from their library is filled with some of the best information you can find about how to use your ereader and how to download files if you are stumped.

2. If you are looking for general information about how the device got to invented and so on, then of course, we always turn to Wikipedia for help:


3. If you want to see all ereading devices, find out about their functions and how to use them, this site is perfect for you. In addition, with its RSS newsfeed on all things pertaining to ereaders, you might want to use it often to stay up to date on the evolving nature of these devices.


4. A wonderful blog on the ereader and loaded with lots of news, views, free ebooks and links to other blogs dealing with the same subject.


5. Another fact-filled site of information and guidance for using the ereader.