About Us

Sullivan Street Press logo.Welcome to our new website and to our renewed mission to bring to you the best we can find in book publishing and about book publishing and how publishing converges with the rest of what the world of books is doing right now.

We are one of those small boutique publishing companies that has made its name mostly by sticking to our vision–that the world can be a better place when we all follow these four simple rules, which are true for life as well as publishing.

  1. Be honest and true to what the world needs to survive.
  1. Support those who are contributing to that survival by publishing their books.
  1. If you can’t publish their books, help them promote their books.
  1. Get out in the world and find out what everyone thinks about books and publishing.

These few simple ideas have governed what Sullivan Street Press has been doing for the last few years. We don’t make lots of money and we certainly have tried to do that. Books have a funny set of rules when they are released into the world, into bookstores and libraries and into the hands of readers.

In the contemporary world, they require lots of attention, more attention than a company run by one person can possibly manage. So, do me a favor, please.

If you like what we publish and have bought our books, please write a review and share it with your friends so that they too may buy our books. In this way, we can hope to survive for another few years.

And if you are really interested in putting some money on the table to show us how much you like what we are doing, this link will take you where you can give us some money.